This is a better day for sticking to what you know and getting your work done than pushing your agenda, dear Taurus.

It’s wise to follow the rules just for now, as we can be a little off in our judgment. A Mars-Saturn aspect influencing the day tends to cut the spontaneity and can lead to second-guessing or thinking too hard before making a move.

This is not an ideal time for important interviews or launches so that if there is some uncertainty, it’s probably better to wait for another day. Well-considered moves can be fine.

Relationship challenges can interfere with productivity, or there can be problems gaining understanding.

Inflexibility is not always a good thing, but it may be wise to avoid making significant changes now anyhow. If you’re feeling hesitant about a project or presentation/idea, take a little more time to get things right.

You intrinsically understand that the most ambitious undertakings require the most concrete preparation. The calculating Capricorn Moon illuminates your 9th House of Big Ideas, reminding you that strategic action works better than succumbing to momentary enthusiasm.

Don’t let your friends and family talk you out of your goals today, however unrealistic your ideas may seem. On the other hand, there’s no reason to rush ahead just to prove you can make your dreams come true. Slow down to get ahead.

While taking your money, work or professional hats off completely won’t be an option, today’s adventurous Full Moon asks that you at least try to embrace the weekend spirit.

The timing couldn’t be better, for with Jupiter moving into his final three months in your career sector tomorrow, life is about to get a lot busier.

Taking time out will give Venus a chance to settle into her new position in your income sector. By the time the Moon returns to your career sector tomorrow you’ll be ready to go.

Daily Numbers

6, 9, 18, 22, 33, 40

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