Tell your partner why you’ve been feeling so distant lately. They’ll totally understand you and support you in every way. Just let them know what’s the reason. To your surprise, your sibling might gift you something which is totally unexpected to you. You and your sibling fight together but love each other too.

It is high time that you resume or start doing Yoga. It will not only fill you with serotonin and positivity, but it will also calm you down. Arguments don’t take you anywhere so focus on happy things. Do not dare to miss your appointment with the doctor if you have any. It is important. Also, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated. Try to eat well even if you do not feel hungry.

You’re feeling a light today. This feeling is inside you that you’re neither feeling sad nor happy, you’re just neutral. This is a good thing actually because you might have to make a lot of tough decisions today. This neutral mood will help you think logically and take all decisions patiently.

“The sooner we let go of holding on, the sooner we can hold on to the beauty of what’s unfolding before us. Nothing was ever meant to stay the same forever.”

Colors of the day: Red, Orange

Lucky numbers of the day: 3, 7

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync: P, G

Cosmic tips: Strength comes from within, invoke it and embrace it.

Tips for singles: You are single and self-sufficient, do not believe otherwise.

Tips for Couples: Make time for your partner. Keeping them away will not bring happiness to either of you.

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