There may be something new about you now, and others could be trying to adjust to this new factor that you’ve added to your life.

This might be a change in your look or your lifestyle, but either way, the people you know may find it hard to keep up with you.

Make sure that you’re not making too drastic of a change without thinking about it first, because you might be tempted to make a hasty decision that you regret later.

A quest or desire for intense perfection could be your biggest source of angst now. Like tomorrow, perfection never arrives. It’s an illusion.

Anyone who thinks they’ve achieved it can always spot where even the tiniest improvement can be made.

So, let yourself off the hook. You deserve to be much prouder and much less critical.

Venus enters your solar fourth house today, dear Taurus, where it will transit until July 21st. There can be excellent prospects involving your family or home life during this cycle that encourages more warmth and peace on the home front.

It can be a time for investing in your comfort, home, and safety. It’s also an ideal period for connecting with your own heart by exploring your deeper needs.

It’s a generally quieter time of year, but making your home or base of operations more comfortable and harmonious can be a satisfying focus in the weeks ahead.

You could be spending more time around the home or doing familiar things, helping you center yourself. Enhancing or repairing relationships with loved ones are favored during this cycle.

Today’s Quote: “I’ve never done anything but dream. This, and this alone, has been the meaning of my life. My only real concern has been my inner life.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 15, 25, 26, 44

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

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