With your ruler, Venus, in minor challenging aspect to Saturn today, dear Taurus, this is not necessarily a day to shine or push your agenda.

Energy may be lower than usual. As much as you’d love to rely on others, they may not be very available or supportive just for the moment, perhaps as they could be wrapped up in their own problems and concerns.

However, this kind of minor challenge allows you a bit of a break or space to handle other areas of your life. Resolve to do your own thing without worrying about what others are doing or not doing, and you’ll be in great form today.

While there can be some disheartening moments today, overall you’re in an idealistic, hopeful frame of mind. Watch for a tendency to become hung up over a perception or revelation about a past matter, since the general inclination is to make more of a situation than it is, particularly about a relationship or a person’s feelings.

Avoid clinging to a schedule and instead let your imagination go. Think big, then make edits as you go along.

Once you know where you want to go, you sit down and make a plan to reach your desired destination.

Not much can stop you once you are in motion. However, you may inadvertently set up your own failure by dreaming about an objective you cannot reach.

Establishing smart priorities is useful as long as your expectations are realistic. Manifesting your visions requires hard work, but it’s only possible when both feet are on the ground.

The Sun’s return to Taurus today not only kicks off your birthday month and new solar year, but one of your most exciting years ever.

It is a combination of the adventurous forces in play from the get go and the fact that Uranus will return next month, for the first time since 1942.

The planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected will be in Taurus until 2026, on a mission to help you find your personal truth and to help the real you emerge from the shadows. This is exciting.

Author Jim Rohn wrote, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Creativity: Fair

Love: Fair

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 9, 23, 40, 42, 44, 48

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

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