You are the one who can put into words what everyone else is thinking today, and they will love you for it. Something taboo might be on the collective mind, and a big part of what makes taboo things scary is their vagueness there is not a clear sense of where the threat begins or ends.

If you can give structure to something like that, it will seem less intimidating. That will be a relief to you and others.

Life might feel hunky-dory generally, but daydreaming could be unhelpful. By allowing your mind to drift into La-La Land too frequently, you could find that you’re brought back to Earth with a bump and have much to catch up with.

Remaining tethered to reality will ensure what’s ticking along nicely continues to do so.

While you may be looking to bond with someone today, they don’t seem to notice it or are responding in the wrong ways, dear Taurus. You might also speak too soon, or your words come across as harsher than you intend at times today due to a Venus-Mars minor clash.

Irritations and poor timing or social awkwardness are temporary, and it’s best not to read too much into them. Fortunately, a Mercury-Neptune transit helps soften things today.

Combining the practical and imaginative comes naturally to you. You gravitate towards peaceful and calming situations and conversations, and your more easygoing and likable qualities are in the spotlight.

More than usual, others appreciate your insight, and you can inspire or gather inspiration from your friends and connections. The excitement of a budding project can also fill you with enthusiasm.

Today’s Quote: “You will lose many friends and family by expressing yourself, but you will gain those who are searching for you.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Fair

Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 20, 26, 41, 48

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

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