One of your close friends may need your support more than ever today, and it will be up to you to provide them with assurance and the comfort they need. Work will be hectic today and you will find yourself segregating through your daily tasks. As eventful as the day passes by, by the end of the day you will find yourself craving for some normalcy and peace in your life.

You need to start taking vitamins in the form of supplements as your immunity is weak this season, and especially today, it seems you are more prone to infections and allergies. You may want to take extra care and make sure that you do not put yourself in the path of danger. Take care of yourself and your health to make sure that you do not catch a cold.

Your partner and you may end up fighting today and it will not be a small one. The argument may stretch on for days because both of you are stubborn individuals who believe that each of you is right and the other is wrong. You have to understand that both of you have to come to an understanding and start communicating rather than shutting each other out.

“and maybe one day, i won’t be so broken anymore
and one day, i will find the lost pieces of me again
and then there will be another sunrise where i would glue them back
and the next day, i will stand in front of the mirror, smiling at my repaired soul again

and that will be the day when my night will end
and i will bid the moon a soft goodbye
with a promise to visit sometime again
to the stars shining in that dark sky”

Colors of the day: Violet, Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with H, M

Cosmic tip: You need to struggle to achieve great heights.

Tips for Singles – Explore yourself by going on solo trips.

Tips for Couples – Maintain healthy boundaries in your relationship.

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