If you have been working your energy off for a long time, then you might want to re-evaluate your priorities. Just take some time off the day to spend alone, doing recreational stuff and other things that bring you happiness. Self-care is as important as any assignment that gets passed onto you. You need o to maintain your peace of mind if you really want to enjoy life without losing your sanity.

There is nothing much to worry about on the health front for a person of the Taurus zodiac. However, it is likely that they may be exhausted due to workload. It is not really a serious issue except the thing that it can lead to serious health issues gradually with the passage of time. You can look out for better sitting positions or get yourself a better chair. Start practicing yoga, and exercising a bit to remain healthy.

Over-thinking over problems that have not yet struck on the door, is the best time-pass an Taurus has. This habit can be very harmful and depress you emotionally. So, the horoscope for today asks you to not worry about what you can’t control. Just let the upcoming events unfold naturally and you will witness how much less worried you go through the day. Don’t kill your heart with possibilities that are not even real.

“Nothing you love is left behind. You come back to it once you understand it, once you see its essence as it is: pure and flawless – once you refuse to define your life without it. Look into yourself. The only thing you regret in the end is falling for someone’s definition of love instead of exploring its infinite potential. It is not saying “I love you” to people who should have heard it from you. There is no flaw in love.”

Colors of the day: Grey, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, V

Cosmic Tip: Believe in your abilities.

Tips for Singles – Stop concentrating on the life of your ex, and look into your life.

Tips for Couples – A dream is just a dream until it is put into action.

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