Get your chores done by Taurus early so that you can play this evening. You can plan a romantic getaway for your loved one. Your imagination will take you to new levels of enjoyment. It’s a wonderful day to discover your creative side and start to realize some ideas you have had in your mind for a while.

Today is all about diet. I don’t mean weight. You can give yourself the food you want. We often need what we crave. Listening to your body is important, particularly when you are driving yourself crazy. Vitamin A, iron, and calcium could all be beneficial for you. Your bones and skin may be telling you something, whatever it might have been. Keep this in mind if you are unable to think of any and listen to your body for dietary advice.

The play aspect brings home certain truths and can drive people further away. Communicating is not a fun way to spend hours together, but more of an entertaining game where you can predict the motives of the other. You are trying to make each other second guess while pretending to be honest.

“Do not chase another human being. Instead, chase your curiosity. Chase your development and your goals. Chase your passion. Strive to work for something bigger than yourself, and instead of trying to convince someone that you fit within their world, strive to build your own.”

Colors of the day: Green, Grey

Lucky Numbers of the day: 8, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, F

Cosmic Tip: You are spiritual, easygoing, and selfless. Channelize that in a good manner!

Tips for Singles: Make sure nothing holds you back from achieving your goals.

Tips for Couples: Strike a balance between you and your partner’s needs. Learn to compromise!

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