Differences in opinions and methods can be loaded today, dear Taurus, as they may represent something as deep as feeling accepted by others. A Mercury-Pluto opposition today triggers insecurities or fears about losing someone’s admiration or pulls up fears of making changes.

Holding onto an opinion too tightly now will prevent you from going forward, growing, and moving on. If someone can’t seem to see what you’re seeing, avoid pushing the matter. However, if you need to get something out of your system, then a confrontation may force the issue.

The best thing you can do for yourself today is to aim to let something go or to get over a hump, as resentment can rob you of too much happiness and energy. The Moon in your creative sector all day can help pull you out of spiraling negative thoughts!

Obsessing about a recent encounter with a close friend or relative stirs up unresolved feelings today. However, your concerns might not be motivated by the conversation in question. You may be agitated because you’re overly sensitive now to everything in your immediate environment.

Although acknowledging your compassion for others is healthy, it’s crucial to remember you’re not responsible for someone else’s emotions. Don’t intrude into anyone’s personal life unless you are specifically invited.

Author Jonathan Lockwood Huie wrote, “Unsolicited advice is always meddling.”

Tomorrow Chiron, planet of healing will join dreamy Neptune in retrograde motion in your friendship sector, opening even more doors to the past and second chances. This time with an opportunity for healing.

The doors are already open to the past but in a way that is more about reconnecting with old dreams and ideals. Before the healing and laying of old ghosts begins, look to the future for your ultimate aims.

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