Like so many, the opportunity for exotic travel may have been rare over the past year or so, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have some exotic romance in your world!

Don’t let a love connection get mossy at its base due to inactivity or boredom. You have the intellectual and creative prowess to make something extraordinary happen between you and a sweetheart right now.

If you’re single, the cosmos offers you a confidence boost to help you satisfy current romantic cravings: Follow your desires, because they will lead you somewhere exciting right now.

The effort you’ve made recently to improve yourself or your world generally won’t have gone unnoticed by someone. In fact, you could be unaware of how much you’ve separated yourself from the crowd by doing so.

You might not have thought that your impressive focus and efforts would attract this kind of attention but don’t rule it out!

Does your romantic partnership provide your life with meaningfulness? Does it connect you spiritually to something bigger than you, something that you believe in? These are good questions to reflect on today as the Moon is in Capricorn and in your 9th house.

It’s so beautiful when you feel that your connection with your partner goes beyond just a physical, emotional or even mental level.

Having that sense of sacredness be a part of your partnership allows it to fulfill you on so many more levels. It is good to make sure that those you decide to commit yourself to, have similar beliefs as yours.

This is not to say that you need to have identical life philosophies or agree on everything, but it definitely makes a relationship more meaningful and likely to last longer when you are able to create a life with your partner that is built on your fundamental beliefs.

Also, reflect on how you can broaden your perspectives through opening your mind up to different philosophies offered by your partner.

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