Because of today’s cosmic alignment, you will be even more ardent than usual. The currents of a higher spiritual stream are luring you into a passionate frenzy centered more on the dream than reality. Before you step into the water, make sure your feet are on solid ground. The beautiful person in front of you may have clay feet.

Not only today but over the next few months, you’ll experience a surge of energy, which will influence how you achieve your objectives. One of the reasons you sometimes appear to be unable to absorb this type of dynamic energy is because it invariably includes transition, and you are not known for your flexibility! Here’s some advice for future success: drinking water makes you more flexible!

Unexpected emotions will erupt out of nowhere, Leo, wreaking disaster. Expect the unexpected today and be ready to adjust to it. It’s important not to overreact. The more peaceful and steady you can remain, the better off you’ll be. Reacting to the issue with explosive wrath will only make the situation worse. Before you deal with the problem, count to 10 or sit alone for a time.

“Stop coloring those red flags white. You know they’re not good for you, you’re just bored and lonely. Don’t ever allow loneliness to make you desperate. You deserve a love that lasts and love that’s true.”

Colors of the day: Brown, Lavender

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, T

Cosmic Tip: Be ecstatic about someone close to you succeeding.

Tips for Singles: Your time is near, but not today.

Tips for Couples: For some, wedding bells may be ringing soon.

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