Your personal life might not be the smoothest today. In your romantic life, there appears to be a lot of jostling going on today. Even you, the expert of negotiation, are not in the position to listen to an inch. However, the planetary energy of the day suggests that you and your partner may be able to do something enjoyable together. Rather than fighting and arguing, set a common aim.

Today is an excellent day for healing old wounds, both mental and physical. Perhaps someone said something that breaks your heart, and you are sick of it. Also, you are aware that there is a misunderstanding between you and a pal that you need to resolve. The spirit of the day supports healing interpersonal relationships in good ways. If you take the energy to work out your physique, you will enjoy this transit even more. With more oxygen in the blood, interaction becomes even cleaner. Also, you will start paying more attention to your nutrition today, and your health will improve.

Your mind will be pretty occupied today. Taurus, you will be preoccupied with personal assets and materialistic commodities in general. Consider what you can do to make your home better, to keep your soul warm and happy. Make your physical environment welcoming and pleasant. Spend time alone in your shelter, where you can focus on the broader picture and center yourself. Mental security will get enhanced by personal closeness and elegance.

“Stop coloring those red flags white. You know they’re not good for you, you’re just bored and lonely. Don’t ever allow loneliness to make you desperate. You deserve a love that lasts and love that’s true.”

Lucky Color: Blood Red

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Alphabet: O

Cosmic tip: Consider what you can do to make your home better.

Tips for singles: Open up your heart a little bit more.

Tips for couples: You may continue to put your efforts into developing your relationship’s bond.

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