It seems like you are likely to stay busy today as you have a house to arrange. You will get busy buying stuff for your house to turn it into a home. It is also possible that some uncalled guests will arrive at your place. Or perhaps your friend will call you up to help them redecorate their house. It is because you have a wonderful gift of artistic brilliance and aesthetic choice. And you will genuinely enjoy decorating the place.

You have an overthinking mind, and it requires rest. And since you are a busy person as well, it never gets any rest. Your heart and mind are always pounding with energy. This energy requires fodder to fuel strength. So, stop gobbling junk food like that, you need a good amount of protein and carbohydrates in your food to sustain your body. And if you want a long-lasting life, then quit smoking as soon as possible.

You have an unconventional choice about everything. You like to think out of the box, and it sets you apart from the crowd. Sometimes it gives you immense joy that you are different, but sometimes you also feel lonely. People around you do not talk much with you, since you are different. Your thoughts do not match theirs, and it does not go well in your heart.

“I have found, that we often must realise, that we cannot be angry at people for simply not being capable of stepping out of their comfort zones to be decent human beings. You are born with this wild respect for people and you think it’s all equal. And that’s what hurts. Because it’s not all equal, not all people are going to show up for you, not all people are going to do the decent thing for you, even if it’s something that would be so easy for you to do. You can never make your standard into the standard for everyone. Some people are just frogs in a mud puddle, and really, they’re actually perfectly fine with that!”

Colors of the Day: Red, Black , Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, N

Cosmic Tips: Open your arms to embrace the warmth of the world.

Tips for Singles: Well, your ways of flirting will never improve if you stop talking to others.

Tips for Couples: You can expect a happy surprise from your partner.

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