Imagine that you are in your creative studio and have given up all of your tools to create new ideas. You will discover a completely new creative style. While your admirers might be surprised by what you do, they will not be as amazed as you.

Keeping up your future creative plans can sometimes be hard for friends, and even harder for you! It is important to give as much attention as possible to the present. This will benefit you as well as your relationship! It is important that you get enough water and exercise regularly for your overall health. These fundamental habits can have a negative impact on your health and future. Pay attention to how you are taking care of your body!

If you’ve been longing to be with or date someone who is able to articulate what you want and how you can get it, you might have some luck today. Your wishes will be granted by the planetary alignment. Wear clothes that highlight your finest features, no matter what you do.

“They say when you really love someone, you should be willing to set them free. So that is what I am doing. I will step back and you will move on. I will let you go. … Your happiness means everything to me. I will listen for your voice in the distance. I will look at the moon. I will keep you in my pocket. I will carry your smile with me everywhere, like a warm and comforting glow.”

Colors of the day – Black, White

Lucky Numbers of the day – 5, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with – K, P

Cosmic Tip – Don’t ruin a good day by thinking about yesterday!

Tips for Singles – Your past should not determine your future.

Tips for Couples – Challenges are what make the relationship interesting.

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