Something that is suitable for you may not be acceptable for something or someone dear to you. It might be surprising to you, Taurus, as you consider a shared decision with this person. But don’t let this give you inner turmoil, because it’s something that can be readily absorbed with some kind of flexibility. There could be a way to combine your selections so that you have something that will fit for you as well as work for someone else. Rather than arguing, look for it.

Wear a scarf if you’re feeling chilly because your throat will be your weak point today. Scratchy throat can be worse if not taken care of. Take care of yourself and your body. Take a sip of honey with lukewarm water to start your day. Consider using an echinacea and sage spray. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Make use of a humidifier in your room and office cabin. Take a steam shower for yourself before leaving for work.

It’s past time for you to branch out. Today you will feel powerful and self-sufficient. You want to be daring and attempt something you’ve never done before. You will enhance your life as long as you continue to explore new ideas and hobbies. Step outside of your comfort zone and attempt something new. Offering new feelings and experiences a chance is the only way to grow and find new hobbies or interests.

“Sometimes it is when those most traumatic of experiences take place that we have the opportunity to be flooded by that which is called Grace. When the heart is broken, when you are deeply betrayed, when people speak falsely against you, try to find the inner strength not to crack under the injustice and maliciousness of others. Choose not to be filled with rage or despair. Then you are „letting go“ or detaching yourself from this most intimate kind of pain, and a door will open. As the great spiritual teacher Karlfried Graf Dürckheim said: „Open the door and let yourself be found.“

Lucky Color: Violet

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Alphabet: D

Cosmic tip: Look at things with a different perspective.

Tips for singles: Try new things, seeking love shouldn’t be your top priority.

Tips for couples: Things may fall apart, express what you have to your partner.

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