Your quest for a companion will be met with a new prospect, dear Taurus. Although this chance is not something you would like to let go of, think hard as to whether or not it will last long. An association that will soon be ruined by unwelcome circumstances is not meant for you. You deserve stability and compromises will not be fruitful in this regard.

A happy stomach means a healthy mind. Feed yourself some delicacies. Mind you, do not go for food that could harm your appetite. Your favorite home-cooked dish from your mother or your partner will work wonders and you will soon find out how deeply the people around you care for you. This will give your mental health a major boost. After all, who does not want to be lived!

You are one of those people who will be easily hurt or pleased. But remember, Taurus! Not everyone intends to hurt you with their harsh words. People could be indifferent or rude for several reasons. You are not to be blamed this time. Rather than overthinking as to why they might have said those words, try shifting your focus to your long-lost hobby maybe? This could keep you engaged, away from all the futile worries. It will help you keel away from conflicts- both within and without.

“Until you truly let go, until you truly form humility, can you find empathy and in that empathy you find contact and in that contact you find out who you truly are, and who the people are around you.”

Colors of the day: Blue, Brown

Lucky numbers of the day: 1, 7,9

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: C, S

Cosmic tip: A little self-introspection is what will lead you ahead.

Tips for singles: Holidays are the best engagements. The rest is known to you.

Tips for couples: Try giving each other some space so that you can cherish the bond you share.

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