Your relationships are favored and your friends will be happy to hear from you, but you may be the one looking for solitude.

Any conversations that you have today will be more serious or spiritual, as people are likely to want to discuss their feelings and dreams rather than practical plans.

However, you may not feel like sharing all your thoughts, which is okay. Don’t let others pressure you into sharing things that you’re not comfortable with it’s perfectly valid to have boundaries.

Saying the words ‘that was easier than I thought it would be’ can sometimes be more far-reaching than we think.

We discovered that what we thought would be difficult proved otherwise. But we also set a precedent when it comes to doing whatever-it-is again.

You have helpful history to draw upon to turn what might appear daunting into something reassuringly manageable in some way now.

Early day, there is some tendency to be too quick on the trigger in your communications, dear Taurus, with the Moon’s square to Mars. It may be that you’re juggling too much and you need a break from activities or information overload.

As the day advances, it’s easier to moderate yourself. The Sun is currently transiting your partnership sector, highlighting your need for companionship or balance and harmony.

It’s heading toward a harmonious aspect with Saturn, making it a strong time for improving or steadying a relationship.

You might pair up to be more productive, or you could enjoy making plans with someone special. A commitment can be satisfying. Positive actions and developments now can have a long-term impact.

Simple and sincere gestures win favor today. Your sense of responsibility is well-developed. While it’s good for establishing better habits and patterns, you can feel a little overloaded or heavy with a sense of duty in spots.

Aim to tap into your ability to face issues or tackle details that you might miss or ignore on other days.

Today’s Quote: “A reminder to be resilient. NO. MATTER. WHAT. Dig yourself out of your hole and move. Just move. It’ll get better. One bad day does not = a bad life.”

Creativity: Fair

Love: Excellent

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 18, 36, 43, 45

Daily Compatibility: Capricorn

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