A Taurus and Aries combat: Taurus is cussed and non-communicative and Aries is explosive and unstable.

A Taurus and Taurus combat: It’s like a staring contest with anger, it’s a combat of wills.

A Taurus and Gemini combat: Taurus glares and complains whereas Gemini shouts and may get purple within the face.

A Taurus and Cancer combat: You would suppose these two are fireplace indicators when offended ardour comes out of their fights. Watch out for grudges.

A Taurus and Leo combat: Intense and heated, Taurus is brutal and grudge holding, Leo provides imply feedback and takes harsh actions.

A Taurus and Virgo combat: Both attempt to out sensible each other or to achieve the higher hand.

A Taurus and Libra combat: Uncommunicative and irritating.

A Taurus and Scorpio combat: Both are unyielding they usually give one another hell.

A Taurus and Sagittarius combat: Sagittarius will poke at Taurus’s fault and Taurus can be unforgiving in direction of Sagittarius.

A Taurus and Capricorn combat: Filled with low blows, unfairness, and hardheadedness.

A Taurus and Aquarius combat: Taurus makes use of rationality and Aquarius makes use of logic however issues nonetheless get messy.

A Taurus and Pisces combat:
Taurus is cussed and grudge holding, Pisces jumps to conclusions and assaults.

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