This day brings one of those mornings when you will remember your dreams. Although they might seem stressful, treasure moments when you start feeling free from your subconscious pressure, for they are something you can’t induce without large inner resolutions.

Feel gratitude for being you, and remember everything you have done to get yourself to this point in time. With the spring on your hands you know that your time is coming and you will shine in your natural habitat soon enough.

Now that you’ve got your outbursts under control, you can begin to examine the cause. You are obviously feeling uncharacteristically vulnerable and sensitive, but what triggered this reaction?

Perhaps a combination of small events built up before you could adequately deal with them and the pressure broke through your self-control. Look to your inner self for the reassurance you need. True validation does not come from external sources.

You could be your harshest critic, especially where plans that don’t bring instant results are concerned. You could be reacting too emotionally toward what needs a bit of logic and sensibility applied to it. Be willing to question your reasons for wanting an immediate result anyway. Taking a slow and steady approach will make it much more special when it does come to fruition.

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5, 10, 15, 31, 34, 36

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