Today, says Ganesha, you will are likely to encounter someone who is bent upon provoking and getting on your nerves. You are urged not to retaliate and do things unbecoming of your good nature.

Keep calm and unruffled. Respond and behave in a manner befitting your better nature. Do not allow the other to spoil your composure, your graciousness. Your goodness, decency will, ultimately, prevail.

Be careful not to overdo it today keeping things on an even keel will do wonders to your energy level and your social life. So if you’re going to a party, don’t put on your very best outfit and bring an expensive gift.

Just be yourself and that will make people feel more comfortable. At work, don’t make a big show out of your latest idea just present it, argue for it, and then let the chips fall where they may. Being too loud will only show you in a bad light.

You might believe you’re standing at the edge of a metaphysical awakening and your impatience is making you crazy. You can’t concentrate on the present moment because your mind is already in the future where life is better than it is now.

Ironically, your heightened anticipation prevents you from taking the next step in your spiritual development.

Rather than thinking about your potential growth, bring your thoughts back to your current circumstances. True enlightenment is not something to aspire toward; it’s how you live your life every single minute of every single day.

Just nine days after Saturn’s retrograde turn in your financial sector the Moon has returned. This is your first real chance to get your bearings and for your financial instincts and hunches to get a read for the shift in undercurrents.

The Moon will return every four weeks throughout this five month retrograde phase, but this is your first chance to tap into the 20/20 hindsight you now have access to.

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