Even without today’s New Moon, just having the Moon in Taurus is an opportune and timely change to regroup.

You’re just a week into your birthday month but already Mercury and Mars have left and Ceres will leave later in the week.

Considering the amount of water that has already passed under the bridge, this is the perfect time to commit to the journey ahead and especially the ‘what’.

What it is still too early for is figuring out the ‘when, where and how’.

This is a day for family ties and those special relationships that make your heart feel whole and your entire personality feel at home.

You have all the right emotions in your heart and there is nothing stopping you from sharing them with the rest of the world.

Your greatest opportunities will be found in some risky moves shared with other people. A lot of joy and surprisingly interesting things might come your way if you just let go.

It’s fantastic that you can be so productive now, even if the countless distractions in your life won’t leave you alone.

You’re so wrapped up in your work while the pragmatic Taurus New Moon grounds the energy in your 1st House of Self that no one is able to talk you out of your current ambitions.

Your infamous bullheadedness emboldens you to plow through obstacles and overcome resistance.

With a little extra effort, you will surpass your own expectations; aim high and focus on your target with singular intent.

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