The Moon, now in your communications sector, keeps you interested in what’s going on around you today, dear Taurus. You’re curious and perhaps a little restless if you have no room to move around. It’s a chattier time of the month for you.

However, this is not the most confident of days, and it can benefit you to examine what may be holding you back from pursuing your desires or goals heartfully. There can be ambiguities in your social or romantic life regarding the depth of a particular connection or bond – whether someone is a friend or more, for example.

There can be frustration if others are showing less kindness or don’t seem to understand you. Relationships are complicated now, and for some of you, financing a new venture can be involved for the time being.

Look for ways to manage pressures and responsibilities while not completely ignoring your emotional needs. A balance may seem difficult but is your best bet now.

Your positive outlook may be hiding a deeper set of concerns. Your strategy of sharing lots of personal information could be a smokescreen to lure others off track.

However, this tactic won’t likely work now as instant karma lurks in the shadows, ready to strike if you overdo your evasive maneuvers.

Although revealing your vulnerability is challenging today, it’s still smarter to acknowledge your shortcomings instead of sidestepping them. Keeping your words simple and to the point paves a road to happiness.

For the first time since your birthday month began the Sun is on his own, bringing your first chance to block out any other voices. This is as stripped back as it gets.

When your birthday month began 11 days ago there were already three planets in Taurus, all with a different voice. Since then they have one by one left, the last being Ceres yesterday.

While all have contributed a lot, it’s time for some one on one time, just you and the Sun and a clear view of the road ahead.

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