Today’s Full Moon can have the effect of pulling out strong feelings from you and can stimulate a revelation or epiphany, dear Taurus. Occurring in your intimacy and sharing sector, this can be about the need for someone or support, whether this is emotional, moral, or financial.

The balance of power in a relationship, debts, a partner’s income, or other shared resources can be in strong focus and subject to intense emotions. For others, this can be about attachments or addictions — you may be seeing the light about releasing yourself from a burden.

While discoveries made now are powerful, they’re also bound to be larger than life, so aim to act on things later, after giving them some thought. Also today, the desire to connect or create something wonderful is strong with your ruler, dignified in your sign, harmonizing with Mars in your communications sector.

Personal appeal is super, and you can be charmingly forthright, sincere, and straightforward with your requests and communications. People are falling in love with your unique style, and you manage to be both assertive and charming.

Oddly enough, you’re longing to experience the depth of your feelings today. The Sagittarius Full Moon falls in your 8th House of Intimacy, inspiring you to seek out sensual delights without worrying about how others perceive you.

Your normal discomfort with emotional intensity stems from your desire for simplicity.

Sometimes the only way to recreate a less complicated existence is to resign yourself to the process and go through a phase of increased complexity. Never underestimate the power of persistence.

A Full Moon in your financial sector can bring financial tensions to a head, with the Moon confronting the Sun in your income sector. Yet with a smart head for money and some serious motivation on the income and financial fronts, this is more an opportunity for a breakthrough.

As Jupiter turns direct in your work sector, this will turn any pressure on income forces into motivation.

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