Saturn and Uranus form a trine today, dear Taurus, helping to strengthen your resolve and leading to a better understanding of your inner world, responses, and closest relationships.

This aspect first formed almost a year ago and is now exact for the final time of a set. Its peak today points to stronger themes of getting a handle on problems related to emotional attachments, dependencies, sexuality, financial support, or addictions.

There are solutions, outlets, or even breakthroughs occurring now that suggest steady forward motion.

You might have a nice outlet for expressing yourself or some of the blocks in your intimate life or with money decrease. You’re in great shape for sorting out financial and emotional problems and dealing with bad habits.

Today’s Moon encourages spending more time with family or in familiar situations, even if it seems to conflict with a partnership or sociable mood.

You nostalgically remember a less stressful time in your past as you try to recreate the peace you seem to have lost.

It’s tempting to leave your worldly responsibilities for another day while you sneak home and hide away. But your obligations never take care of themselves without your attention.

You can’t believe that burying its head in the sand ever worked for an ostrich and it certainly won’t work for you now. Let all your yesterdays fade; happiness can only be found in the present moment.

Max De Pree said, “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

As Mars moves into his final four weeks in your work sector, his manic need for action no longer has anything to keep this in check. In short, not just on the job front but in life in general, things are likely to become as busy as you let them.

There are no checks and balances to say you’re taking this too far, with a need for some self-regulation. Today’s adventurous forces will help, especially as they come with a sense of rebellion.

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