Now that you’re seeing things you hadn’t seen before, you may begin to notice that a coworker who has played themselves off as your friend hasn’t really done much to prove that to you. In fact, it may seem that they’ve done more damage to you recently than they’ve ever done to assist you. So. What to do? Well, for starters, be sure you’re not just overreacting. Investigate. Once you accumulate the evidence you’re after, assemble all the guilty parties and level a judgment.

You could be closer to a proverbial finish line than you think, so don’t let your energy levels dwindle now. With the Moon in your opposite sign of relationships linking with Pluto in your solar sector of big ideas and future vision, it could be time to reveal your thoughts relating to your future and cease letting ideas and plans close to your heart be confined or known only to you.

Striking a balance of coolness and warmth in relationships comes naturally – whether you’re building a new partnership, or believe a long-term love has more to give. The time you spend sorting out and updating documents could reveal a new route to riches.

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