Your financial situation might not be exactly satisfying at the moment, but you already know what is needed in order to make things right and settle your expenses. There is something holding you back though, and your goals don’t seem as close as they might have seemed before.

It won’t be easy to embrace responsibility today, no matter your ability to work hard and dedicate to the cause. Deal with disturbing and tiring circumstances now to be more relaxed in days to come.

You are busy making valuable connections and finalizing your plans. But now you must take your dreams into the workshop for honing and shaping. Personal time without any distraction becomes a top priority when the golden Sun moves into your 12th House of Privacy; in fact, you may even be slightly aggressive in your insistence for solitude.

However important it is to seek solace and contemplation, don’t neglect your long-term goals in the process. Rather than waiting for better conditions today, strengthen your resolve and pave the way for your future.

What you learn or discover will have benefits to you but keeping your discovery to yourself will make the task of using or applying your new-found knowledge much trickier. It’s by sharing what you’ve discovered that will help you to take strides with progress rather than dolly steps.

You’re going to need a certain person’s assistance or support eventually, so start involving them now.

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