Be careful of other people who seem too good to be true today, because they probably are. Your instincts about people are usually dead on, so if you fear that someone who is making big claims is full of hot air, alert those in power about your reservations.

There is nothing wrong with demanding proof before you buy into anyone’s story. Your skepticism might make waves today, but in the end it will save everyone a lot of stress and regret. They’ll thank you for it.

A feeling of restlessness could be felt, but don’t interpret it as a need to protect yourself from an imminent unpleasant experience. If a feeling of calmness is making its way into your world, then see it as the cosmos giving you a well-deserved break and not something you should be viewing suspiciously or defensively. Sometimes, doing nothing is the most appropriate action to take.

You’re not sure if you can believe what you’re hearing as words from a friend spark mental connections that you didn’t know existed. It’s as if a stick of metaphorical dynamite has been tossed into your mind, blasting a hole in what you thought you knew.

However, every ending is also a beginning; abrupt changes tend to reveal new opportunities. A door may open with a bang, but walking through it can take you to wonderful places

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5, 9, 14, 15, 32, 40

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