If you are convinced that you are right about a fact or issue today, how far are you willing to take it? It’s admirable to defend your position, but you should stop short of getting into any power struggles someone might have something up their sleeve, and you can’t afford to lose any ground to them, even if they gain it by cheating. Refuse to get down in the dirt with someone else you’ll only end up getting dirty yourself. This battle won’t be worth it.

You know there are important matters that deserve your time, but you don’t feel like opening a can of worms today. Even though resistance can be just as unpleasant as change, you’re more accustomed to taking your time and you don’t want to do anything to rock the boat now.

However, there’s no reason to shake things up to make meaningful progress. Simply checking in on the status of your thoughts and the reactions of others could be enough to prevent the issue from growing into something unmanageable. Awareness is the first step to transformation.

The Moon opposes Jupiter in your sector of routines, encouraging you to take drastic action to bring change to what you do on a daily basis. You could be motivated by seeing what instigating a change will bring without thinking through the implications.

If a risk or brave step needs taking, then fine. Just ensure you’re not being overly optimistic about how suddenly a result will appear.

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