Keeping busy and mentally stimulated tends to lead to the most emotional satisfaction today, dear Taurus. You don’t care to feel cooped up and have less patience than usual with routine matters. Variety, small changes, and movement seem to be most appealing as the Moon moves through your communications sector.

However, with the Moon’s tense connections to other planets, watch for taking on too much or for information overload, which can frazzle your nerves and lead to poor decisions. You’re also in a good position for personal appeal and creative cooperation today – agreements may be reached with a significant other or good friend, and fabulous ideas can result from your conversations.

Think before you speak, Bull. Today, some weird or shocking things could fly out of your mouth, as the moon in your communication house forms a tricky square to unpredictable Uranus.

Arguments can ignite without warning. Here’s the thing: With this restless cosmic undercurrent, you don’t have a lot of control over things, no matter how worked up you get. Save important conversations for tomorrow. Meditate on the situation instead of firing off angry emails. That “save to draft” feature was created exactly for moments like this.

As the Moon’s monthly visit to your communication sector wraps up, do what you can to wear your heart on your sleeve. With no communication gods around a Full Moon in your relationship sector next week, this is a chance to give your emotional responses a voice.

This is always the first step to getting the communication lines open, something that will become a lot more important next week.

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