Mercury enters your sign today, dear Taurus, and will transit Taurus until June 6th. Mercury was in your sign for the first three weeks of April, but then it turned retrograde and retreated into your privacy sector, and you had some mulling over, processing, and thinking twice to do.

Going forward, you’re in a great position to express yourself, make clearer decisions, and delight others with your communications.

You’ll feel a nice burst of mental energy now and projects that didn’t gain momentum last month now move forward. Today, however, you can have a difficult time pushing much of anything forward. Others may be standing in your way, or you could need just a little more time to figure things out.

Blocks today can take the form of disapproval from others or internalized guilt about whether you’ve handled your responsibilities. The need to make adjustments to your plans can be annoying after some free sailing days, but with patience, they can work very much in your favor in the long run.

Considering all your options is a healthy thing to do, but now it’s time to stop your mental explorations and pick one course of action. Ironically, choosing a single goal does not seem constraining today; it’s actually a relief. You feel freer once you hone in on your mission instead of wondering what to do next.

Rather than closing down your imagination, put it to work in service of manifesting your objective. Author Barbara Sher wrote, “As soon as you begin to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning.”

In one way you’re back where you started during the early hours of your birthday month, but with a wealth of hindsight and experience to draw on. Mercury retrograded back out of Taurus during the first full day of your birthday month, but has returned in time to bring it home.

Your birthday month will end over the week, giving the Sun and Mercury time to help you work on your game plan and resolutions.

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