Today and tomorrow are strong for personal appeal and for gaining respect, admiration, or support, dear Taurus. Your personality shines now. The North Node is starting its transit, lasting until November 2018, of your solar fourth house. Take any opportunity to improve things with family and be sure to spend more quality time at home.

There is now an overarching theme in your life that emphasizes the joys and opportunities for growth involved with laying down or reconnecting with your roots, attention to family or support systems, and domestic life. Eclipses occurring during this transit can nudge you towards taking better care of your personal life.

Learning to value your personal achievements as much as or more than your performance in the outside world is a theme. Bringing more creative flair to your home can be in focus and very satisfying.

You just want to be left alone today, so you can complete the chores that are your responsibility. Unfortunately, others may have very different ideas about your agenda and think your priorities are skewed. Trouble begins if there is a confrontation and they try to persuade you to alter your path.

Although you might stop to defend your objectives, there is a smarter way to handle this conflict now. Don’t even engage with anyone who is pulling you off track. Just put your head down and continue your work. Time is non-refundable; use it with earnest intention.

With so much set to unfold over the coming days a sense of adventure in the air brings a reminder that it’s all about the journey. The coming days will see an explosion of activity across the relationship, income, work and career fronts.

It’s as though cars stuck behind red lights at an intersection are all set to get the green light at the same time. This could be a case of too much all at once. Key to taking things one step at a time is remembering that it’s all about the journey.

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