The Solar Eclipse that occurs this afternoon clears the path for new beginnings, dear Taurus, and this can mean you break free from the past in some way, particularly on emotional levels and having to do with your home or family life.

Situations that have been holding you back may need to be put behind you. The weeks and even months ahead are a time of special attention to your domestic world, sense of safety and feeling of belonging, understanding your roots, and matters of intimacy and vulnerability.

You’re coming in touch with basic feelings and needs that you may have overlooked. The Solar Eclipse is a cosmic nudge to discover your inner well. You’ll be paying special attention to your support system as well as the support and nurturance you give others.

For some, this is about finding a more suitable home or living conditions and arrangements. The coming weeks are ideal for making long-range plans for the future, re-organizing the home or home environment, and family-related activities.

There can be some drama on the domestic front, but this ideally leads to a fresh perspective or new beginning. Changes and improvements may be necessary as you reorganize your personal life, or shuffle around your priorities.

While eclipses can be draining, a Mars-Saturn influence in play today can have you applying yourself to meaningful projects and making some headway.

You want to impress those closest to you with your steadfast loyalty. Although you are happy to make a decision on your own, there is no question about who is important to you.

However, the Leo Solar Eclipse complicates your 4th House of Security by connecting you with destabilizing influences that are beyond your comprehension. Nevertheless, you can minimize unexpected disruptions by striving for greater awareness, rather than shutting down to play it safe.

Carl Jung wrote, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Keep your eyes on things close to home today, with a solar eclipse highlighting the things we often take for granted. As an eclipsing New Moon this brings the potential for major new beginnings, but there is a huge amount still to play out.

This is more a chance for the cosmos to come along and give things a push in the right direction. This is always an important point of any year for home, family and/or property matters, but this year even more so.

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