This is a good time to give others room to be themselves without any pressure to perform or to measure up, dear Taurus, and to take the same liberties.

You’ll find it natural to connect with your dreams and ideals. Others are more cooperative, appreciative, and tolerant than usual, and you’re sure to enjoy the smooth energy of the day.

It’s a day that favors putting your fabulous listening skills to use. Even so, new insight into a close relationship comes from pushing boundaries just a tad just enough to become a little more intimate.

Getting to know a significant other’s opinion or beliefs on a matter can boost levels of intimacy as well.

There is an unspoken bond between you and your allies today. It’s as if you’re all part of a conspiracy to bring compassion into the workplace.

In a competitive environment, one person’s sensitivity might be frowned on as a weakness.

Nevertheless, there is power in numbers and anything is possible when many people collectively display empathy and tolerance instead of fear and judgment.

Poet Ryunosuke Satoro wrote, “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

With your professional instincts still sharp from the Moon’s departure from your career sector yesterday, Venus is ready to take advantage of the edge this gives you.

Already in her last full week in your work sector, Venus is giving your heart a voice and today there is a chance to align this with a sense of professional direction.

A boost in professional and job confidence brings new hope for what the future holds. Focus on that, aware that what you focus on you’re more likely to manifest.

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