This morning, you could be feeling a little unsettled, dear Taurus. Your intentions are good, but timing can be off. Watch for jumping to conclusions or taking unnecessary risks. Be gentle on yourself.

Try not to rush matters to a quick conclusion due to impatience. Going over the same issues repeatedly won’t necessarily solve the problems unless you aim to approach them differently. There can be some lack of clarity with a work or health problem now largely because you’re too close to the situation or worrying unnecessarily.

You might feel that others are not valuing your contributions. Loss of motivation is likely temporary, but it could wear you down today. Look for things that are holding you back from progress in your job or with your routines and health pursuits.

This is an excellent period in general for these things, and it makes sense to find ways to unblock impediments to opportunities.

Your legendary stubbornness precedes your arrival on the scene today. But someone’s unwillingness to accommodate your needs is more surprising than annoying at first.

Nevertheless, you’re not so fast to jump into the situation and impose your solution onto others because you don’t want to fight to prove your dominance.

Instead, you prefer to take a wait-and-see approach now for the sake of harmony. Your patience is a key factor in your success.

There is something a lot more than symbolic about having the Moon in your relationship sector as Ceres leaves your communication sector.

Ayn Rand said, “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

The Moon is making his last visit to your relationship sector before Jupiter returns and your most important relationship year in over a decade begins. Ceres might leave today, but they have been working together since yesterday.

Not just to ensure the communication lines are open now, but to bring home the importance of having the communication lines open.

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