The Sun spends its last day in your work and health sector, dear Taurus, but Mars is moving into this area of your chart for a seven-week stay, so you may not miss it! With fiery, confident, competitive Mars here, there is increased energy and courage at your disposal for your routines, daily life, work, or health pursuits.

There can be more competitiveness in or at your work, and this can be motivating or frustrating, and perhaps a bit of both! Establishing a more independent pace, if possible, can help.

It may be that you need extra stimulation now, or you want to pioneer something and go your own way with the work you do or the health programs you take on.

You’re ready to take action for self-improvement, and you have the boost of a New Moon just three days ago in your corner for getting going.

You may be so concerned about your health today that you take specific steps to modify your lifestyle. Although you can research all the dietary options in the world, you won’t improve your physical wellbeing unless you make tangible changes to your eating habits.

But embarking on a new regimen is tricky business; making small adjustments that last is better than turning your life upside down for a short period of time.

Virgil wrote, “The greatest wealth is health.”

There is a sense of urgency today, but on an important day across the job, relationship and financial fronts, it is not coming from any of these areas.

The urgency is coming from Mars’ departure from a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, bringing all planetary activity here for the year to a close.

Mars returns to kick off the busiest six weeks of the year, with a need to guard against life becoming all work and no play.

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