You’re in a creative and/or romantic period, dear Taurus, and today, you can quickly become all pumped up about an idea, project, or possibility. You may want to renew or refresh a hobby or pastime, and possibly even a romance!

You enjoy high motivation to take charge and put your ideas into motion today. The energy with you now is progressive and fresh, but perhaps a little high-strung or nervous. Do watch for a tendency to speak too intellectually about a matter that requires more sensitivity, or for poking fun and joking about the same.

Enthusiasm runs high to produce and move things forward. Details that you may have missed in recent days seem to be coming in full speed ahead. The Moon is in your sign, reinforcing the competitive, urgent feel to the day.

The energy is perfect for puttering around in the garden today. Just be sure not to stand still too long or the Grand Earth Trine might have you growing roots.

The back-to-basics Taurus Moon empowers you to get in touch with the dirt while harvesting food or flowers. But once you stop working, you’re probably done for the day.

Of course, you can always skip the chores completely and go directly to the beach, the couch or back to bed. Indulging in simple pleasures is good for your soul.

The Moon’s monthly visit to Taurus is always a valuable chance to regroup, especially with so much change in place.

This comes just as Jupiter moves into his final month in your work sector, but also as a cocktail of romantic, adventurous and passionate forces take hold.

From finding the right work/life balance, the right balance between work and play and knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off, it all comes down to being able to trust your gut.

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