Mars is in your creative sector these days, dear Taurus, and this transit helps smooth out your energy levels, in general. However, with Mars challenged, the day can be up and down for you energetically, perhaps as you wrestle with expectations or uncertainty in your social life.

Alternatively, you could be questioning a particular goal or battling some waning enthusiasm. This transit affords you some time to get in touch with what you truly want or need, and to consider the creative, imaginative, or spiritual touches that may be missing or overlooked.

Social or romantic matters can be draining if something is left up in the air or uncertain. Be careful today, as it is not only easy to be misled, it can be easy to mislead without intending to do so, mainly because of indecision or errors of omission.

People may be getting the wrong idea. You might experience conflicting desires and urges, or a conflict between a personal and social pursuit.

Because you’re more sensitive today, others’ dramas can be absorbing. Taking a step back from the action is appropriate now.

Acting with compassion and imagination moves you closer to your goals today. Tending to the needs of others expresses your highest ideals, but there’s no valid reason to lose your objectivity or common sense.

Turning your intentions into reality works better now when you proceed in subtle ways. However, it’s easy to exhaust yourself if you force the issue.

Professor Barbara Johnson wrote, “Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.”

As the Moon’s monthly visit to your relationship sector wraps up listen to everything your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses are telling you.

Just 16 days before Jupiter is due to kick off your most important relationship year in over a decade, the Moon is giving you access to some valuable clues, hunches and insights.

Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, there is something special ahead.

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