While decisions can be difficult or restlessness may get the better of you this morning, dear Taurus, as the day advances, blocks lift, and you feel freer and more confident.

You’re putting more heart, love, and energy into your home life and work or health endeavors these days, and today, you’re likely to thoroughly enjoy advances in any of these areas.

You might come to someone’s aid or simply let go of resentments and feel better about your future for doing so. Home life is fulfilling as you seek to make improvements rather than focus on the flaws. Enjoying the company of loved ones and family can figure strongly now.

You’re feeling comforted but also optimistic. You may recognize what you need to change on the inside to attract more positivity into your life. Follow your instincts when it comes to your projects and endeavors, but save significant launches for another time.

Your go-to response for nearly any dilemma is to create a sensible plan and then stick to it as much as you can. Although logic appears to be the key to your success, your strategy falls apart as soon as you swing into action today.

Every obstacle you encounter now reminds you there is a significant difference between a good idea and a pragmatic solution.

But don’t give up; Jon Sinclair wrote, “Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.”

At the same time that Jupiter moves into his final two months in your work sector, it also means that he’s just two months from your relationship sector.

With the most important relationship year in over a decade just over the horizon, this puts a whole new context on Venus’ position in your communication sector.

Venus is moving into some of her best days on the communication front and with it a chance to give your relationships a voice.

Daily Numbers

2, 17, 26, 28, 31, 43

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