With the Moon moving into your privacy sector today, Taurus, you’d do well for yourself if you took some extra time to yourself or escape from overly demanding or chaotic atmospheres. You may very well need a little more anonymity today and tomorrow.

This can help you tremendously, especially if you’ve been having trouble getting in touch with your intuition. However, the day’s energies are not always conducive to total relaxation, particularly as Pluto challenges Mars in your creative sector and you can feel some pressure to stay in control or “in the know.”

It’s best to aim to get in touch with what it is you actually want and desire, as well as with those things that might bring you the most joy and consider making changes that improve your motivation and focus. All the while, try to avoid controversy today – you don’t need it!

Regardless of the demands that others put on your time now, your first inclination is to retreat and turn your thoughts inward. You can see the potential for inadvertently opening an old emotional wound, prompting you to do everything you can to avoid such an outcome.

Unfortunately, self-imposed isolation doesn’t help you find a cure; it only casts a brighter spotlight on the problem. Be courageous; showing up is half the battle. Photographer Abigail

Biddinger wrote, “You can devise all the plans in the world, but if you don’t welcome spontaneity you will just disappoint yourself.”

A familiar battle between two planets in a reflective part of your chart and Jupiter in your work sector has come back into play, with a timely reminder of a need to work smarter.

Today the Moon sides with reflective forces, bringing home a need for time out to hear yourself think.

Jupiter is about to move into his final month in your work sector and with no let up in the pace until December, you have to know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off.

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