Mercury in your sign connects harmoniously with Pluto today, dear Taurus, and you stand to gain an advantage, edge, or valuable insight into your life today.

You are communicating with more confidence or authority now, and others are taking you seriously. Your perspective on life and beliefs are going through deep changes, and today, this is especially evident.

You might come to a resolution to a problem, or you might bond with someone on a romantic or platonic level, particularly through ideas and viewpoints.

Relationships can strengthen, and mutually beneficial agreements are possible. You may find it particularly challenging dealing with people who are not taking certain ideas seriously or whose beliefs differ significantly from yours – you’re likely to have stronger reactions to differences in opinion than usual.

You are unstoppable today because you are speaking directly from a place of power that is fueled by your heart.

Powerful Pluto is harmonizing with mental Mercury in your practical sign, making it nearly impossible for anyone to dissuade you from your chosen path.

Nevertheless, you become your own best critic as the day wears on. Don’t ignore your good advice, even if it means changing your plans as the dynamics of the situation shift.

Clint Eastwood said, “You improvise. You adapt. You overcome.”

No matter how busy you are today there is a need to find at least some time to let your heart and imagination come together.

This is not idle daydreams where your mind wanders at will, but a chance to start putting some serious dreams together.

You began this new solar year with a sense of passion and as Venus prepares to return to Taurus next Tuesday, she is looking to revive that. It is time to start imagining what’s possible.

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