Frustrations can turn into aggravations today, which can morph into anger toward your partner. Fortunately, you have the power to prevent engaging in heated debates if you avoid letting irritation devolve into hostility.

Try to remind yourself that both of you have valid viewpoints and that allowing space for could lead to each party gaining a greater understanding of the other’s perspective. Remember, you’re on the same team, so try to find a way to work together now.

You could feel overwhelmed with a seemingly long list of responsibilities. Because of this, a lover might not let on how they need your input or you to be there for them now.

As a result, you may need to read between the lines and adjust your schedule to spend more quality time with you-know-who. But they probably won’t be the only one who benefits from this.

Do you have an easy time compromising in your romantic partnerships? How much do you allow yourself to bring yourself in relationships and how much do you allow them to do the same?

These are relevant questions to think about today the Moon is in Scorpio and in your 7th house. A large pillar that determines whether a relationship is healthy or successful is having a strong element of reciprocity and mutuality.

This doesn’t mean having a “tit-for-tat” mentality, where you are only doing something because you want or expect something in return.

No, it means that both you and your lover and willing to bring yourselves as fully as you can in relation to one another and being present in the true sense of the world. If you feel like that is something lacking in your partnerships, get curious about how you can shift that.

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