A desire to move something along with a potential lover – or reigniting a flame with an existing one – could receive special focus. Single? Don’t be deflated if someone doesn’t respond in ways you hoped.

That could happen in time. But with the Sun influencing long-term goals, you could reassess romantic plans. New experiences and adventures await to be seized and enjoyed!

When someone you’re crazy about starts up a conversation with you, it won’t be easy to project a calm exterior today — the passion inside of you is just too difficult to hide!

Some heated emotions may be less positive than your romantic passion right now, so be careful not to lose your temper with the one you love.

Channel your energy into a physical activity which leaves you breathless and too tired to fight. In no time, the vibes will shift and you’ll be able to return to matters of the heart with nothing but peace and love in your heart.

Do you feel that your romantic partnerships bring you closer to your values? Does your partner have values that are in alignment with yours? These are necessary questions to reflect on today as the Moon is in Gemini and in your 2nd house.

It happens a lot that people end up in relationships that are not necessarily bringing them close to what they hold dear in their lives.

Naturally, they end up being unfulfilled, resentful and those connections don’t last very long. Ask yourself how you can make sure that the partners you attract have (more or less) similar values as yours.

Of course, you will always have certain things that you disagree on, what matters the most is that those things are not fundamentals and that both you and your lover are able to respect one another despite your differences.

Beyond that, how can you learn to not be too rigid and learn to adopt different values that you may end up finding true to you?

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