Sometimes you find yourself being the roughest on the ones you love most.

Today may be such a day, but you’d be wise to not react harshly even if your sweetheart triggers your most intense emotions.

Utilize the power of your passionate energy to turn piece of stress coal into a diamond instead of hurting the one you love with your ill-chosen words or angry actions.

Let your love expand your heart, soothe your soul and remind your mind that you can control the beastly bully that occasionally lurks within.

Your unbridled enthusiasm or emotional intensity could be sexy in so many ways. It leaves a loved one or potential partner in no doubt about your unwavering commitment, but too much exuberance can be energetically draining – for you and someone close!

There are so many ways your passionate vibes can be focused constructively. You might need to dial back your passionate intensity, but that can get stored for what’s waiting around the corner!

The Moon is in Scorpio and in your 7th house of partnership, but it is also opposing Uranus in your 1st house of self.

You are being asked to find the balance between being committed to another human, taking their needs into consideration on one hand and then being an independent individual and taking care of your own needs on the other.

The only way that you can be fully available and present with your partner, is if you feel centered and present within yourself.

It happens so often that people get so lost in their lover, that they lose touch with what they personally need, ending up in them feeling unfulfilled and even resentful.

How can you practice self love so that you avoid falling into that trap?

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