Contributing to the welfare of your love relationship is something you truly adore doing, but if there’s an inequity in the amount of effort you and your lover are putting into your partnership, you’re going to be compelled to talk about it today.

If you’ve had a series of conversations on the subject already but your situation isn’t improving, you may reach a boiling point that makes you wonder whether you can save this love connection before it does you in.

Don’t jump the gun on doing something rash, because you may not have tried everything to improve matters of the heart: With love in your heart, be dominant and bold as you tell your lover what your bottom line is right now.

Even if you’re not overly excited to initiate a deep conversation with a loved one, you could feel pushed to do so.

Fortunately, you possess the emotional courageousness to tackle any big topics.

This can relieve and inspire someone close to push aside their fears and join you in a revealing and positive exchange. All you need to do is be prepared to take the lead.

The Scorpio Moon is going to launch a relationship conversation, Taurus, and, be prepared, it may not be one that you like. Or at least, it will seem that way at the time.

Remember what we have said about embracing change. This is not the end of the world today. Don’t forget that there are two people and two sets of needs in every relationship.

Use your listening ears today and express kindness when other’s needs are presented, and you will get out of this chat with a big smile on your face.

Are you ready to embrace change, Taurus?

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