Dealing with an ethical or moral dilemma in your love life can be difficult at this time, but you can rise to the challenge if you believe you can.

The decision you make must be made just for you, because you’re the one that will have to live with it.

Someone you love may have advice for you, and your wisdom will remind you to consider all perspectives before settling on just one.

Making tough calls and difficult choices is a part of life, and it’s definitely a part of romance. By taking the high road, your integrity will shine through now. Your heart knows what’s right.

There are many ways to form or strengthen a special connection without getting too deep, lovey-dovey, or soppy.

Obviously, there’s no harm in expressing thoughts or feelings in such ways if it feels comfortable and necessary.

But gaining a loved one’s support could involve strengthening the foundations of friendship at this time. Trust that there are delightful long-term implications for doing so.

Is it easy for you to experience intimacy with your romantic partner? What are the things that scare you the most in your partnership that may be preventing you from experiencing as much closeness and depth with your lover? Ask yourself these important questions today as the Moon is in Sag and in your 8th house.

True intimacy is being able to share those “darker” or less happy parts of yourself with your significant other. Unfortunately, this is something we are not conditioned to do, we are told directly or indirectly by society that there are parts of ourselves that are best not to be shared with others, because otherwise they will leave us or judge us.

Therefore, this is a great time for you to practice bringing more of that dialogue between you and your partner, making sure that both of you feel safe and trust one another to bring those aspects of yourselves into the partnership.

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