If you haven’t skillfully dealt with a temporary bout of anxiety today, it may surface during a romantic encounter with your sweetheart when you least expect it.

However, if you’re on your game, feeling fine and confident in your own skin, you won’t miss a beautiful beat of joy.

Reality has a way of amplifying what’s inside your mind and heart, so anything you can do to stay positive, do it and you’ll have a better time with your paramour.

A conscious attitude shift can be a real love-saver right now.

It could feel easier to err on the side of pessimism regarding one emotional or relationship matter but be honest with yourself about why you see the proverbial glass as half full or believe a negative outcome or result is most likely.

Your attitude might have more to do with priming yourself unnecessarily and with no solid reasons to do so.

A real reason to feel optimistic is trying to get your attention. At least look its direction.

The Moon is still in Aquarius and in your 10th house today, however it is also trining the Sun in your 6th house.

How can you allow your relationship with your partner to extend beyond your personal connection with one another and take that love and create something so much bigger than either of you?

Something that can serve as a source of inspiration and example to the rest of the word of what a healthy and fulfilling relationship can look like.

Of course having a relationship of that nature requires work, daily effort and devotion to towards your partner.

What is more important than just showing the bright parts of your relationship, is showing the world all the work and energy that goes into building such a relationship.

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