You will have an unprecedented opportunity to fill your current love interest with positivity and confidence at this time.

Even though it feels good to be connecting with your sweetheart, you may need more time to truly reach a place of acceptance and trust.

Once you and the one you love click on a deep level, you’ll have no problem accepting one another in a deep way.

You might not struggle to share your most energetic, authentic expressions of love now and having your confidence boosted can help you to make a far-reaching decision in your romantic world, or that affects a cherished relationship.

If you’ve held back from revealing any thoughts or feelings recently, then it’s important to continue to harness your passionate power.

It won’t only bring a small change to your emotional world; it could transform it.

The Moon remains in Taurus and in your 1st house of self, it is also trining Pluto in your 9th house today.

A necessary part of any healthy and successful relationship is being able to take care of yourself and your needs without needing your partner to be the one who tends to that all the time.

This planetary configuration is emphasizing the importance of having a spiritual practice, as that allows you to remain grounded and centered within your being and also experience fulfillment and connection in places outside of your romantic partnership.

So often what people are actually missing is a connection to Source, Divine, Spirit, God, whatever you call it.

As a result, they end up seeking that connection though their lovers which realistically they can never satisfy and ends up creating unhealthy codependent dynamics and resentment.

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