If you can find an emotionally cuddly and comforting vibe in your love relationship, that’s all that matters to you today.

You’re looking for some reinforcement from the one you love as you venture into reverie full of sentimentality and longing for the halcyon days of your youth.

Such a trip down Memory Lane can be wonderful, as long as you don’t get stuck in the past or start comparing current matters of the heart to the way things used to be.

You could be aware that what – or who – has been an obstacle in your emotional world or within a love relationship is becoming less of an unhelpful or restrictive influence.

With Venus moving backward but still influencing partnerships and commitments, whatever or whoever has posed a problem or distraction could be less of a pain in your posterior.

This gives you a chance to put something connected with affairs of the heart on a firmer footing.

The Moon remains in Leo and in your 4th house, however it is also squaring Jupiter in your 7th house of partnership.

This configuration is emphasizing that while it is necessary to take care of your needs, allow yourself downtime to just rest and be more internal.

It is as equally important that you don’t get so complacent and stuck in your habits and routines that you end up neglecting to put effort into your romantic partnership.

Make sure that you are also tending to your lover’s needs and wants, and have the ability to compromise when needed.

Also, learn how you can bring your partner into your personal/internal wold, in such a way that those two parts of your life don’t feel totally separate.

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