In an effort to amp up matters of the heart, you may attempt to infuse a romantic relationship with unconventionality and spontaneity today.

However, because fidgety Mars forms an uncomfortable connection with capricious Uranus in your sign at this time, romancing outside of the box may not turn out the way you envision.

Making small improvements with a love interest is the best way forward right now. You want a healthier connection, so treat it with kit gloves and a salubrious mindset.

Although this isn’t the day for wildness, it is a good day for conscious, wholesome intentions where matters of the heart are concerned.

Your head and heart could work helpfully in tandem at this time, especially if you’re increasingly aware of how romantic or relationship progress relies on you being willing to let go of whatever hampers your passionate potential.

Although there are benefits to assessing any risk you’re likely to take with your heart, it is possible to spend too much time doing so and allow an opportunity to pass you by. Be willing to step outside a barrier or boundary that prevents you from accessing something or someone you deserve.

The stars warn you of countless unexpected situations and to be prepared for surprises, because there’s a possibility that you develop many passionate desires, but what you are looking for is something of a more romantic nature.

Soon you could be feeling inclined to go off and do things by yourself. In urgent meetings and conversations, be careful with your words so you don’t create problems and leave the wrong impression on people.

Now you need to be careful of losing patience. Do not make any changes, even after thorough reasoning. Traveling will get you good mood and relaxation. You risk falling into a troublesome situation if you don’t talk about your ventures and plans with the people close to you.

You may need to assess something in your present by a different yardstick than the one that you have at present. Life has to change and transform on a continuous basis in order to remain fresh and interesting.

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