The Moon helps to boost your field-good factor at this time. Once that’s achieved, your sexiness factor receives a boost, too. But feeling your sexy best doesn’t need anything like ridiculously intensive exercise or a muscle-wasting diet.

You’re encouraged to come up with a healthier regime that suits you and is consistent. See how that increases your mojo!

Prepare for a hot-and-heavy conversation with someone you love right now. It’s not something you expected would happen today, but if you get an opportunity to reach a deeper level of understanding with your mate, take it: You will both be able to trust one another, even during any intense moments you encounter.

Your ability to see your relationship challenge in a positive light can have an incredibly healing effect on how it all pans out.

Do you have an easy time compromising in your romantic partnerships? How much do you allow yourself to bring yourself in relationships and how much do you allow them to do the same?

These are relevant questions to think about today the Full Moon is in Scorpio and in your 7th house. A large pillar that determines whether a relationship is healthy or successful is having a strong element of reciprocity and mutuality.

This doesn’t mean having a “tit-for-tat” mentality, where you are only doing something because you want or expect something in return.

No, it means that both you and your lover and willing to bring yourselves as fully as you can in relation to one another and being present in the true sense of the world. If you feel like that is something lacking in your partnerships, get curious about how you can shift that.

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